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Live Design to Support Changing Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique environment for today’s manufacturers. Some of Geolean USA’s existing tools, such as live design, have become even more valuable to our clients today, as we work to support manufacturers implementing social distancing practices.

Are you working from home? Looking for new ways to gain the support of a team? Geolean’s Live Design might offer the connection and support you need to get new initiatives moving quickly, even as we work to self-isolate in these concerning times.

Geolean’s Live Design Service

Geolean’s Live Design provides full, remote access to our support teams. In the past, we’ve used these calls to get decision-makers with busy schedules all in one space together, to work through the development process efficiently, and to help move complex solutions along to installation as quickly as possible.

Today, Live Design provides the same benefits, but with a greater urgency. Geolean truly believes that coming together to solve problems is the most effective and efficient way to implement processes and solutions that are truly lean. Until it is safe to meet in person, Live Design provides that same benefit of getting everyone together, via a live web connection.

This enables our support team to work directly with your team, giving you immediate access to our extensive library of solutions collected from our years of providing material flow systems for our clients.

When you schedule the time, you’ll speak directly with a designer who can adapt and reconfigure concepts in real-time according to your feedback and suggestions. This is a solution that can accelerate your project, even in a time like this, where we seem farther apart than ever.

Have a Unique Project?

Whether you’re working to facilitate social distancing in your facility, or you have a new project that you’re not sure how to implement, Live Design allows us to showcase our full scope of solution capabilities in one place, to the stakeholders on your team.

Let us help you move from your current state to installation very quickly. Live Design enables us to bring all major parties — your team, our sales, design, time and cost estimating teams — together, and display our solutions directly to you, accelerating the process from start to finish, while ensuring you get the customized solutions that best fit your facility.

Geolean USA is a lean implementation expert. That means we believe in following the principles of lean in more than just our solutions. We’re here to make every step of your process as seamless and as efficient as possible, from concept development to installation, which is why we’ve offered these live calls for years, and why it’s a tool uniquely suited to the current environment.

If you’re interested to see how Live Design can support your facility in these changing times, contact your Geolean sales representative. We’d be happy to set up a web meeting right away to help you move quickly to the solution that best prepares your facility to continue production in the current environment.

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