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Material Handling Carts

Geolean offers a variety of carts to address any delivery need. Kit carts, bulk carts, shelf carts, stock carts, pick carts, and custom-designed carts ensure that no matter what you’re moving, there’s an efficient way to do it.

Carts offer several benefits:

  • They can carry multiple loads at once.
  • They are able to deliver bulk bins or totes.
  • They can be combined into mother-daughter or tow and hitch carts for efficient delivery of multiple loads to multiple locations in just one run.

Benefits of Carts

Eliminate Forklifts

Forklifts are not good or bad, but we see them being used improperly every day. If your operation depends on material flow and uses forklifts to create that flow, you have lost 90% of the possible improvement. Tugger carts replace forklifts at a lower operating cost and create a platform for further improvement.

Move Product Easily

Carts help you move product easily in two key ways – they’re on wheels, so you don’t need a pallet jack or other equipment to move them around, and they can be designed to hold any kind of load. For example, a quad steer cart has four-wheel steering and tracks smoothly when being pulled with multiple carts in tow. They’re designed to track well and handle tight turn radiuses.

Save Storage Space

Instead of being locked into moving your product in the big box or packaging it came in, change your cart design to move the product in a way that supports your operation. Consider a shelf cart to move various types of boxes, a bag cart to move parts without packaging, or a kit cart to move a combination of parts. Or, save space within your warehouse with mother daughter carts, By nesting the daughter carts within the mother cart, storage space can be optimized and you can minimize the footprint of the carts when not in use.

Improve Safety

Safety and ergonomics are key topics in creating a better workplace to engage all types of employees and support healthy companies. For manufacturers, tug carts can help achieve initiatives to go forklift free, reduce weight loads lifted, and improve product access.

Develop Standard Work

Standardized work in the warehouse, supermarket, delivery route, and lineside presentation are next to impossible if forklifts are being used for material flow. Implementing carts allows for standardized work to be developed in various support functions and provides a basis for continuous improvement.

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CUstom Workflow Carts by Geolean

Carts & Engineered Material Flow

Buying a load of carts and expecting a material flow miracle is a recipe for weekend work and indigestion. Carts are a key part of material flow but they need to work as part of an overall effective system. In order for the system to work, you will need to make changes to your systems, processes, information flow, and other equipment along with deploying tuggers and carts. The order and structure of these changes will determine if your system will improve, which is where Geolean can help. If your facility’s goal is to go forklift free, our cart systems can solve your transportation issues using safe, efficient methods designed with lean integration in mind.


Get the Fork Outta Here

Use “Get the Fork Outta Here!” as a rallying cry – forklifts are out. They’re dangerous, cumbersome, and costly. Make your operation forklift free with the introduction of smaller, more efficient tugger carts and other warehouse cart systems. They’re easily introduced, take up less space, and deliver individual parts, bulk bins, pallets, and other packaging on time and on schedule. Best of all, they’re a safe alternative to forklifts, proven to reduce injuries and improve ergonomics.

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