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Flow Racks

Geolean’s engineered material flow solutions include flow racks that solve first in first out (FIFO) and part presentation challenges.

Flow racks are an ideal solution for any company looking to optimize their assembly, warehousing, or pick & pack processes.

They are designed to eliminate additional transportation steps for parts, and our customized flow racks present parts close to your employees’ workstations to create an ergonomic workspace and reduce repetitive motion injuries.

Benefits of Flow Racks

Save Space

Flow racks designed by Geolean are sized right, to hold only the parts and quantities needed. Along with taking advantage of vertical space to reduce footprint, they are gravity powered to eliminate the cost and flexibility issues of providing power. If you are currently moving parts in large containers, flow racks in combination with implementing small totes will yield significant space savings.

Visual Organization

Flow racks allow production operators and support personnel to see the product available at a glance. Even if your operation does not have a fully effective pull system in place yet, this visual communication will reduce part shortages that can reduce production efficiency.


Any Geolean flow rack can be constructed with casters to ensure it is mobile and easily moved for cleaning, personnel access, or to another location in your operation.


Geolean flow racks are designed efficiently to use FIFO principles so that new materials are loaded from the back and older material is drawn from the front.


Geolean flow racks offer an unlimited number of customizable designs. No matter your application, industry, loading requirements, line design, or assembly style, our flow racks are designed specifically for you and customized to your precise needs.


Geolean’s engineered material flow solutions are manufactured with our tube and joint assembly system, which means all our flow racks are completely customizable. If you ever need to repurpose or reconfigure a flow rack, it can be as easy as picking up an allen wrench!

Return Lanes

Returning empty containers without a dedicated method can create a pileup of empty bins or cause your employees to leave their workstations. Geolean flow racks are designed with a return lane to solve that problem so operators can easily return empty containers to the load aisle without leaving their station.

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Flow Racks by Geolean

Geolean flow racks are customized for your operation’s processes and improve the material flow within your facility.

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