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Discover the Power of the Geolean System: 6 Benefits from Real Customers

At Geolean, we take pride in providing comprehensive material handling solutions that optimize operations for our clients. Let’s delve into real-life use cases where our system brought tangible benefits to our customers.

6 Ways Geolean Optimizes Operational Efficiency 

Geolean is a world leader in lean implementation, and our team is passionate about improving people, processes, and products to help manufacturers thrive. Read on to discover how we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk for our clients! 

1. Maximize Warehouse Space

One of our clients faced the challenge of limited warehouse space and contemplated a costly brick-and-mortar expansion. Instead, we helped them implement the Geolean innovative approach and restructured their inventory layout. 

Smaller, frequently moved items were relocated to floor level, while Flow Racks were integrated under Pallet Racking. The result? A remarkable 30% increase in storage capacity, equivalent to 170 additional pick faces. Furthermore, safety was enhanced by segregating pedestrian and forklift traffic, while implementing FIFO (First In, First Out) ensured efficient material handling.

 “Geolean helped us achieve 170 additional pick faces within our existing pallet racking. The additional space allowed us to support new production and avoid a costly warehouse expansion.”

maximize warehouse space before

maximize warehouse space after

2. Optimize Assembly Processes

Efficiency is key on the assembly line, and this particular customer knew there were improvements to be made in their process. During an onsite Kaizen event facilitated by Geolean, the focus was on creating Kit Carts to streamline assembly processes. Pulling inventory off-line and establishing a Warehouse Supermarket area for kitting materials optimized the workflow for delivery efficiency. This approach allowed operators to pick parts in sequence, eliminating the need for searching and error-proofing the process.

The results were transformative. With each operator working more efficiently on value-added activities, non-value-added activity was reduced by 32%. As a result, the assembly line’s productivity surged from handling 19 vehicles to 23 vehicles per day, all achieved with the same labor team. The assembly line footprint shrank by 15 feet, further optimizing space utilization.

The key to this success lay in implementing a Supermarket Flow Rack and custom-designed kitting carts. These solutions ensured the delivery of the right parts at the right time, all while enhancing ergonomics for the operators.

3. Reduce the Work Cell Footprint

Overlooking the work cell footprint of your operations can result in wasted space and effort, perpetuating inefficiencies and hindering productivity. With Geolean’s expertise and tailored solutions, this business transformed its workspaces, maximizing efficiency and achieving optimal results.

Through Geolean’s innovative solutions, we reduced the work cell footprint by an impressive 60%. We created a dedicated place for everything. By optimizing the layout and organization of workstations, unnecessary clutter was eliminated, allowing for a more streamlined and productive workflow.

“The Geolean team helped us layout, build, and install our new packaging station. The result is a brighter and better-organized work area. In addition to a 60% reduction in space, we also improved the average process time by 33%.”

reduce work cell footprint before

reduce work cell footprint after

4. Improve Ergonomics

Geolean’s commitment to efficiency extends beyond just productivity; it encompasses the well-being of workers through improved ergonomics. Central to this approach is bringing inbound materials into what we refer to as the “Golden Zone,” a concept rooted in World Class Manufacturing (WCM) principles.

The “Golden Zone” categorizes locations for materials based on their ergonomic and efficiency considerations, ranging from D to A zones. In the D zone, materials are poorly located. The A zone represents the ideal setup where work can be performed most efficiently without excessive reaching, walking, or twisting.

Our Flow Rack and Workcell Solutions are designed with this principle in mind, ensuring that materials flow seamlessly to operators in the most efficient manner possible. We optimize workflow and minimize non-value-added time by reducing unnecessary walking and reaching.

This approach often involves strategic decisions such as reducing packaging size or implementing off-line kitting. Regardless of the specifics, our focus remains steadfast on delivering the leanest and most efficient solution tailored to each client’s unique needs.

improve ergonomics

5. Eliminate Scrap on the Line

Our meticulous approach to material handling doesn’t just enhance efficiency; it also eliminates waste. A prime example is the elimination of scrap on the assembly line. By kitting materials off-line, we’ve revolutionized the packaging process. Here’s how it works: the material handler removes the packaging before it even reaches the assembly team. As a result, there’s no scrap left for the assembly team to unwrap or throw away.

This simple yet effective solution streamlines the assembly process and reduces waste significantly. Geolean optimizes every aspect of material handling for maximum efficiency and minimal waste.

6. Enhance Part Presentation

Improved part presentation is a crucial aspect of our approach at Geolean. Simply put, it ensures that parts are positioned optimally within the assembly work cell to facilitate the operator’s efficiency and protect the parts.

Custom Flow Racks, Kit Carts, and Workstations are pivotal in improving part presentation. By customizing these solutions to fit each client’s specific needs, we can ensure that parts are easily accessible to operators and are stored in a manner that minimizes the risk of damage or misplacement.

Transform Your Business with Geolean’s Proven Solutions

From maximizing warehouse space to enhancing ergonomics and streamlining assembly processes, each of the benefits above showcases the transformative impact of our solutions. At Geolean, we’re not content with just talking the talk; we’re committed to walking the walk alongside our clients, empowering them to thrive in a competitive landscape. 

Ready to unlock the full potential of your operations? Reach out to us today and discover how Geolean can revolutionize your business from the ground up.