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Discover What Makes Geolean USA Different

Geolean USA is a globally-recognized leader in installing lean methodologies and is deeply committed to enhancing people, processes, and products to enable manufacturers to succeed. With our transformational approach, Geolean has facilitated over 200 successful lean implementations worldwide and continues to do so.

Interested in learning more about what makes Geolean the best in the industry? Read on! 

Who Is Geolean USA?

Geolean USA stands out as a leading provider of comprehensive lean integration services, offering a holistic approach that encompasses both solution development and the creation of physical structures to facilitate lean operations. 

With a wealth of experience and expertise gained through years of rigorous testing, implementation, and personalized engagements with clients, Geolean USA has established itself as a trusted partner across a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, agricultural, appliance, and logistics.

The 3 Primary Principles of Geolean USA:

Our practices at Geolean USA are guided by three primary principles that drive our approach to lean integration:

  1. Practices are grounded in the Toyota Production System
  2. Changes are made in real-time, on the shop floor, with the people involved
  3. Effort yields guaranteed, sustainable results

What’s the Difference Between Geolean and Our Competition?

As a leader in the field of lean integration, we set ourselves apart from competitors in several key ways: 

Our Lean Methodology

  • Our lean methodology bleeds into our designs and physical solutions. This includes a full range of solutions, not limited to “the products we produce”.
  • We understand material flow through the entire product cycle (dock to door). 
  • Our lean methodology is a comprehensive approach to minimizing waste and maximizing value across all aspects of a manufacturing or business operation. 
  • We design to eliminate non-value-added activities, reduce lead times, and optimize processes to increase quality, efficiency, and profitability.
  • The methodology focuses on lean leadership, process improvement, workplace organization, visual management tools, and continuous flow manufacturing. 

Our People

  • We physically do business on the floor (face-to-face) with the people who do the work.
  • We are a technological solutions partner, understanding all aspects of your initiative. 
  • We have more combined experience than anyone in the industry.
  • Our team is well-versed in finding the right creative solutions and working closely with your company to identify a true lean solution that enhances your business operations. 
  • We’re knowledgeable, work to find creative solutions, and, most importantly, work hand-in-hand with your company to find a true lean solution that improves how your company does business. 

Geolean USA Goes Above and Beyond For Our Customers

Our customers know our Sales Engineers by name, because Geolean’s approach is personal. As a well-respected organization at the forefront of lean integration. Our technical sales team serves as a bridge between our clients and our consultants, understanding their unique challenges and requirements. They possess in-depth knowledge of lean principles and practices, allowing them to identify areas of improvement and tailor solutions to meet specific business goals. 

Our experienced consultants are seasoned professionals who have worked with various clients across differing industries. They bring a wealth of knowledge in lean methodologies, tools, and techniques, enabling them to analyze your existing processes and identify opportunities for optimization. 

With Geolean’s guidance, you can optimize your processes and achieve greater efficiency fast, leading to reduced lead times, improved quality, increased productivity, and, ultimately, higher profitability. Our comprehensive approach covers process improvement and the creation of physical structures that can be installed quickly to facilitate lean operations. We consider your business’s unique needs, ensuring that our recommendations align with your organizational culture, resources, and long-term objectives.

Ready to take the next step towards lean integration and process improvement? Give us a call today to learn more about how Geolean can assist you in achieving your goals.