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How Kit Carts Could Benefit Your Operation

Geolean is proud to provide a range of kitting carts catering to all delivery requirements. Whether you want to save space, transport items, or improve the efficiency of your operations, Geolean has you covered. We’ll dive into the benefits of kit carts and their various subtypes, so you can decide which is best for your application. 

What Are Kit Carts?

Kit carts are commonly used in manufacturing, assembly, and Distribution operations where workers need to access multiple tools and materials in a single location. They’re utility carts that organize and transport a specific size or quantity of materials required for a specific task or project. 

Kit carts typically have multiple shelves or compartments, and the ideal designs are engineered to hold and organize specific  equipment or materials. Dunnage inside these carts can be made from various materials, including steel, aluminum, textiles, or plastic, and are equipped with casters for easy mobility. Usually, kit carts are stocked close to the point of use for ease of reloading, or can be set up to be tugged (tow arm option) for applications where loading is farther from the point of use. 

The main goals of kit carts are to save space, improve efficiency, assist with building in sequence, and support error-proof picking. 

Standout Features of Kit Carts:

  • Keep product safe and operators efficient with the right approach to kitting in the assembly area
  • Small parts are arranged in sequence for error-proof assembly
  • Class-A products can be transported safely with textile or other protective dunnage
  • Available as 100% custom-made to suit your application and requirements
  • Quality casters to easily navigate and maneuver for best ergonomics

Common Applications of Kit Carts:

  • ESD Electronic Components
  • Small Part Assembly
  • Class-A parts that require delicate handling
  • Custom delivery of sequenced materials
  • Eliminate unnecessary packaging and double handling in the work area
  • An alternative to conveying material, especially where space is a premium, or there’s a need to control the volume of material in the area

What Are the Different Kinds of Kit Carts?

Within the category of kit carts, there are different subcategories of carts to perform specialized tasks. Let’s take a look at picking carts and put-away carts. 

Picking Carts

In the distribution industry, standard terms you hear include pick, pack, and ship – picking carts assist in each of these areas. Commonly used in distribution or e-commerce centers, these carts  address the dynamic challenge of picking orders to be packaged and shipped to the consumer. They’re designed to allow workers to efficiently collect items needed for each customer order or other specific task.

Picking carts typically have multiple shelves, compartments, or bins to hold and organize your products. They may also have dividers or compartments to separate products and prevent damage during transport. Some picking carts have adjustable shelves or bins to accommodate different sizes and shapes of products.

Standout Features of Picking Carts:

  • Inbound/outbound for universal UPS and FedEx packages
  • Unique-sized products are no problem 
  • Drawers, monitors, scales, and more are available to assist with bringing the tools needed to the point of use
  • Shelf carts are available with the tools and features needed to make jobs easier
  • High-Capacity applications available

Put-Away Carts

Put-away carts are another type of cart used in distribution to assist with transporting incoming materials or returned materials to inventory. Their goal is to allow workers to transport incoming products to their designated storage location conveniently. 

Put-away carts can be manually pushed or pulled, and may be engineered to work seamlessly with your existing Material Handlers for Verticle Storage or other equipment used in the process. They may also be equipped with scanners or other technology to assist with inventory management and tracking the movement of products through the warehouse.

Standout Features of Put-Away Carts:

  • Configurable storage options, including adjustable shelves, bins, and dividers, allow workers to customize the cart to meet the specific storage needs of their operation
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Constructed with high-quality materials to withstand wear and tear
  • Modular and Customizable 

Invest in Geolean Cart Solutions

When you need carts to assist with your delivery needs, look no further than Geolean. Each of our Geolean kit carts is built with our high-quality tube and joint assembly and can be easily broken down or reconfigured to adapt to your changing needs over time. They’re a fantastic solution for many facilities, thanks to their design versatility, low costs, and quick availability. 

Our carts will change the way you do business – for the better – and you’ll enjoy many benefits of the carts, including:

  • Improved safety – Product accessibility will be improved, and employees can minimize non-value-added activities. 
  • Move product easily – With our carts on wheels, you don’t need a pallet jack or other equipment to move the product around.
  • Save storage space – Rather than being constrained to transporting your goods in the original big box or packaging, modify your cart design to move the product in a way that aligns with your operational needs.
  • Develop standardized working operations – Implementing carts allows for standardized work to be developed in various support functions and provides a basis for continuous improvement.

If you’re uncertain about what type of kitting cart system would be best for your business, we’re here to help. Geolean USA can assist you with our vast collection of material handling solutions and collaborate with your team to identify the most appropriate cart systems that would effectively cater to your facility.

Visit us online or call our team today to find all the answers to your cart needs.