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Getting Started With Tube and Joint Systems

Getting Started With Tube and Joint Systems

Continuous changes in consumer demand require manufacturers to stay on their toes and be adaptable. If you’re working in antiquated workspaces or using outdated equipment, you may be inhibiting your company’s ability to evolve with the world around it. Modular structures built using Geolean’s tube and joint systems could help.

If you’re interested in using a tube and joint system to transform your workspace and foster growth, here’s the information you need to get started.

What Is a Tube and Joint System?

A tube and joint system is an engineered system of round tubes, roller tracks, compression brackets, and supporting hardware that can be assembled to create durable structures for virtually any purpose. 

Tube and joint systems have been used in manufacturing for decades. Although they’re already a long-lived concept, their modular design allows for continuous reconfiguration to meet changing needs and environments. Over the years, they’ve been used to create perfectly sized material handling systems like flow racks, workstations, carts, and more. 

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Getting Started With Tube and Joint Systems: A 5-Step Process to Working With Geolean

If a tube and joint system seems like a valuable addition to your workspace, Geolean can help you get started with it on a successful note. Here’s a look at our five-step approach to choosing the right tube and joint solution, designing it to meet your needs, and installing it in your space.

1. Inquiry

You start the process by reaching out to our team, either via phone, email, or website form. From there, you’ll be put in touch with one of our qualified sales engineers, who will ask you questions about your facility, what lean solutions you’re looking for, and why. They’ll help you figure out if tube and joint is the best fit for your project or not. 

Oftentimes, this initial conversation is done over a quick virtual meeting. This gives our sales engineers the opportunity to share examples and quickly determine the right solution for you.

2. First Site Visit

When time and travel accommodations permit, our next step is to send one of our experienced representatives to visit your facility. This allows us to get a first-hand look at your facility’s layout and processes, so we can identify any inefficiencies and brainstorm tube and joint solutions that could resolve them.

This is also a chance for us to learn more about your workplace’s existing resources. Do you have what you need to build and design your tube and joint systems internally, and just need the products shipped to you? Or do you need an external resource to guide you through the design-build process?

3. Create Designs

If together we determine that you have sufficient time and resources to design tube and joint assemblies on your own, great. This step can be skipped.

If you need help with the design-build process, Geolean’s experts can help you. We will help you determine the most efficient next steps — from figuring out which solution you need, what the design should be, and where assembled systems should be placed throughout your facility.

4. Order Tube and Joint Products

After we’ve determined what needs to be done, we’ll order your new assemblies, and they’ll arrive at your facility in just a few days or weeks. The exact delivery timeline will depend on the scope of your project and other external factors — however, the main point here is that tube and joint solutions can be delivered very quickly. 

One important thing to note here is price. You’ll be pleased to know that there isn’t a more simple, lower-cost way to begin your workplace optimization project than tube and joint installation. Once the products arrive and are installed in your facility, you’ll see immediate process improvement — increasing productivity and profitability

5. Continuous Improvement

The final step in our process is continuous improvement, which, by definition, is an ongoing endeavor. Our team at Geolean will become part of your team to help you build and integrate your new tube and joint assemblies. But we don’t stop there. 

From there, we’ll keep in contact and continue to share other ways we can help your plant progress in its productivity and profitability journey. Again, the world is always evolving, and we’ll be your guide to evolving right alongside it.

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How Long Does It Take to Install a Tube and Joint System?

The implementation of a tube and joint system is much faster and more efficient than the implementation of other manufacturing solutions. There is no construction, electrical, programming, or other labor-intensive work involved. However, the exact timeline will vary depending on the scope of your project and your existing knowledge and resources to design, build, and integrate tube and joint systems in your facility. 

For instance, if you’re assembling the system yourself, you might be done with the project in a matter of days. Materials typically ship out within 48 hours of ordering, and then you can get to work right away. 

If you’d like our team to assemble your tube and joint system for you, that might push your timeline back slightly. We can deliver most turnkey assemblies in just a few weeks following design approval. However, this additional time is worth the wait. There are benefits of site visits and a little upfront planning with our team. 

The Benefits of Working With Geolean to Install Your Tube and Joint System

When you have Geolean design and assemble your products for you, you’re guaranteed a job done right the very first time. Yes, moving fast is part of the process, but doing a quality job is imperative and requires advanced planning and design to ensure a successful implementation.

Here are a few other benefits of working with our team on your next project:

  • We’re with you every step of the way. From the first phone call to your final implementation and beyond, we’re here to stay and help where help is needed.
  • Our product specialists are real about the solutions you really need. We won’t sell you anything that’s not worth your time or money — only solutions that will help you solve everyday pain points and help you become more profitable. 
  • Our engineers ensure top quality with every assembly. We have years of knowledge and experience to offer you, and we’re ready to jump in when you don’t have the design-build resources of your own. 
  • Our team is experienced in a number of industries and a range of plant sizes. Whatever your manufacturing niche is, we can help. Think appliance, aerospace, automotive, heavy truck, electronics, and more.

Ready to get started with a tube and joint system of your own? We’re ready to help you. Contact our team today.