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How to Implement Flexible Material Handling Solutions

Manufacturers and warehouses everywhere are looking for methods to implement greater efficiencies without adding cost. Automation is at the forefront of all of our minds here, but implementing tech-heavy automation is easier said than done, and calculating ROI can be a moving target. 

Flexible material handling solutions can help your facility realize improvements sooner, building an immediate foundation for automation and empowering your team to work with what’s already on hand. 

Modular tube & joint solutions equip your team with the most versatile, low-cost, and proven robust assembly materials in the world. If your facility is looking for ways to improve material handling, modular solutions offer a proven system that allows you to design, build, and install material flow structures, and realize improvements sooner. Here are just a few reasons to start with flexible material handling solutions before your facility goes all-in on automation

Why Choose Modular Solutions Over Automation?

Automated systems can support a number of efficiencies, but they require a significant amount of advanced planning and setup, and once in place, they remain where they are installed. 

Modular solutions provide a helpful “walk before you run” solution that empowers your company to realize the benefits of an intuitive material handling system in considerably less time. The benefits of implementing a modular solution before an automated system include:

  • You make use of what’s available to you now. When you implement modular systems, you’re able to make a near-immediate change, and your project is started much, much sooner. 
  • You implement flexible, scalable solutions. Modular solutions can grow as you do. And in many cases, they will support and even evolve into the future automated state you are working toward. 
  • Align lean processes before a significant investment. Since modular solutions are both flexible and cost-effective, they allow you to align and optimize lean processes first. Once your processes are operating effectively, then you can make the investment in automation with a clear picture of success already defined. 
  • Start and optimize now. As mentioned, modular solutions are easy and fast to implement. That means your facility can start making changes now and optimize those processes immediately as needed. 
  • Get many of the benefits of automation at a fraction of the cost. Flexible material handling solutions give you many of the benefits of automation — improved processes and streamlined material flow — at a significantly lower cost. And, as mentioned before, it’s a helpful way to plan for future automated systems. 

How Geolean Will Help You Take The Next Steps With Flexible Material Handling Solutions

If your facility is ready to implement flexible material handling solutions, here’s how Geolean can help. 

  • Quick-Ship Access. Your team gains quick-ship access to our large inventory of the highest-quality tube & joint parts and accessories. We’ll also provide our team’s expertise to ensure you have the information you need to order the right parts and accessories. 
  • Design, Assemble, and Implement Training. New and experienced teams alike have access to Geolean’s team for custom training on how to design, assemble, and implement solutions like carts, flow racks, workstations, and more. We’ll also work with your team to accelerate operator buy-in at the plant floor level. 
  • Extensive Solutions Library. In addition to training from our experts, we also provide access to our extensive solutions library which offers detailed assembly guides for a vast range of solutions. From workstations to carts and flow racks, our library of examples has the solution you need and shows you exactly how to build it. 
  • Build the Solutions You Need, Now. One of the greatest features of Geolean’s flexible material handling solutions is that you are empowered to build the solutions you need when your facilities need them. You don’t have to wait on ship dates or experts — simply create the solutions you need on your schedule. 

Geolean Flexible Material Handling Solutions

In addition to supporting your team as you work to implement flexible material handling systems, the Goelean team also offers a number of modular material handling products you can use as needed in your facility. Our top solutions include:

1. Customizable Tube & Joint Materials 

If you can imagine the solution you want to build, we have the materials to build it! 

Plus, when assembled properly, tube & joint structures support hundreds of pounds safely. They also last years to support your program well into the future. 

When it comes to our tube and joint system, the possibilities are simply endless. Geolean offers hundreds of parts, all designed to work together for the assembly of structures that stock, flow, assemble, and more!

2. Roller Tracks

Roller tracks work to flow containers and even parts without containers. Our pre-assembled roller tracks can be configured to flow virtually any size container, and a variety of supporting brackets mean you can create lands for straight flow, increase or decrease flow speed, and adjust for changing part sizes. 

3. Caster & Foot Options

Caster and foot part options make it easy for you to build a structure that is either stationary or mobile. Convert a regular stationary cart into a mobile work-in-process cart, or finish off a packaging station with solid feet that keep it in place for your operators. 

4. High Capacity and Tugging Solutions

Modular material handling solutions are flexible, but that doesn’t mean they’re not strong or durable. With Geolean’s 2×2 square tube base system, racks and carts can support 1,500 lbs. And the features don’t stop there. Tow arms, receivers, and brakes are all available in case you need a mobile tugging solution, even for heavy loads. 

5. Flow Racks

Geolean’s tube & joint materials are the gold standard for flow racks. You can create the flow rack that best supports your unique application with options including: 

  • Staggered or tilted presentation
  • Return lanes
  • Auto tilt-to-return functions
  • Hands-free bump exchange
  • And more!

Ask the Goelean team for more examples that best support your application. 

6. Carts

Connecting the right cart design is the key to a successful material flow process. 

Geolean’s flexible material handling solutions give you the capability to build your own carts, ideally suited to your application. Build lightweight, right-sized, and adaptable carts that can adjust to your facility’s ever-changing requirements. That’s a game-changer. Those who try it know the value!

Ready to Get Started?

The Geolean USA team is ready to help. For more information, contact our team!