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Quality workstations and work cells are a must in any manufacturing environment. A well-designed workstation increases productivity and efficiency while protecting workers from repetitive motion and stress injuries.

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Benefits of Workstations

Simple Reconfiguration

All Geolean-engineered material flow solutions are manufactured with our tube & joint assembly system, which means they’re easily assembled and reassembled to keep up with your requirements. Whether you’re changing tools, parts, or processes, reconfiguration is easy with Geolean’s modular solutions.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic workstation designs are good for your personnel and your production. Integrate the full work area in the workstation design to reduce reaching, bending, and twisting to make the job easier and less time-consuming.

Seamless Lean Integration

Lean workstations function to save and organize space within your facility. Our workstations are designed to integrate seamlessly within your operation, to accommodate both inbound and outbound material flow, improve efficiency, and create the ideal production environment.

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Workstations by Geolean

Geolean provides an unlimited number of custom designed workstation options to improve your facility’s engineered material flow.

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