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Material Handling Systems

The flow of materials and information is the lifeblood of your facility and at the heart of everything we do.  Our solutions address the problem of getting your materials where they need to go safely and effectively.

We pride ourselves on offering the complete package in lean solutions. To achieve continuous improvement in your facility, we know you’ll need more than just parts and a design. That’s why we provide a host of services to help you boost productivity. 

Specialized training is provided so each client understands the system, solutions, and tools to change quickly and meet new production standards or introduce a new process.

Engineered Material Flow

Engineered Material Flow orchestrates the exchange of material and information. It governs the way things move, what makes them move, and what happens from one process to the next. Structured correctly, the system helps people organize their work and react to unexpected changes, to solve problems. 

Our approach combines analysis, lean principles, and process design to support successful implementation. Our physical products, like the tube and joint modular assembly system, flow racks, and fork-truck eliminating carts bring the system to life. But throughout each step of our process, we strive to keep the concept of engineered material flow at the heart of everything we do: 


At first look, the process of improving material delivery often seems to present more challenges than solutions. It’s easy to get the cart before the horse (literally) and fail to consider in advance every touch in the flow process. We have been through this journey with hundreds of clients and will engineer the right approach to your initiative and help to define the cost justification associated with options before you begin. Geolean engineers solutions with benefits based on the location, size, weight, frequency, and space available for your application


Geolean specializes in moving parts, and considers packaging, ergonomics, and part presentation essential to material flow. The primary goal of our service is to safely move your material from point A to point B in a way that makes sense and saves dollars.


The action, philosophy, and discipline behind every single touch is defined by flow. It’s moving and resetting your operations in a scientific manner that keeps your employees safe, prevents error, keeps production moving, and most importantly, makes your life easier. Our goal is to ensure your materials and processes work together like a well-oiled machine.

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Lean Solutions

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Carts & Engineered Material Flow

Buying a load of carts and expecting a material flow miracle is a recipe for weekend work and indigestion. Carts are a key part of material flow but they need to work as part of an overall effective system. In order for the system to work, you will need to make changes to your systems, processes, information flow, and other equipment along with deploying tuggers and carts.

The order and structure of these changes will determine if your system will improve, which is where Geolean can help. If your facility’s goal is to go forklift free, our cart systems can solve your transportation issues using safe, efficient methods designed with lean integration in mind.


Does your material flow need improvement? We can help!


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