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Lean is not an investment, it’s a decision

We hear this question all the time – “What will my payback from lean be?” The payback will be tremendous, the increase in capability will be tremendous, the impact on your environment will be tremendous, the impact on your people will be tremendous. It can start as an initiative or project, but when used correctly will influence and guide every aspect of your business operating system.


But the right way to evaluate “going lean” is not with a payback question. It shouldn’t be, and isn’t, about payback or ROI. It’s a decision for how you want the future to look. It is a choice. And that choice comes before any other question or criteria.


You need to own the decision first and then develop the plan to ensure the decision was the right one. You will never have all the answers, you will never have perfect visibility. You need to trust that the system which has created outstanding results for so many organizations across any type of industry can create the same dynamic results for your organization. Then, armed with ironclad confidence in your decision, you can determine how to move forward.


Take the first step – make the choice. Chose to make tomorrow better than today.