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Eliminate Forklifts – Commit to Safety, Improve Efficiency, Reduce Cost

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Commit to Safety

Imagine forklifts driving around a school, hospital, or mall. Sounds crazy, right? So why would you tolerate forklifts driving around your work place? All companies say they prioritize safety, but we see fork lifts driving around plants and factories every day – around work spaces, next to production lines, and around corners. Statistics show that 80% of fork lift accidents involve pedestrians. Take the lead on safety and commit to isolate forklift traffic to shipping / receiving docks.


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Improve Efficiency

Moving a pallet of goods from the warehouse to the lineside with a fork lift is one of the most inefficient ways to move product. Not only are you moving too much product at one time, you are moving it as a single unit, and the return trip will be made empty. It’s been done that way for a long time, but the tools are in place now to change this with almost no risk. Tuggers with cart train systems or mother daughter cart style systems improve the loads per trip by 4:1 or better vs. a forklift.


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Reduce Cost

Every side to the cost equation is in favor of eliminating forklifts and moving to tuggers. Tuggers cost less to lease or buy than forklifts, they are less expensive to operate, and pose less product damage risk. Expense to deliver with tuggers and carts is about half (or better) that of using a forklift, even taking into account capital costs for the cart systems. Said another way, think about each lineside drop as a transaction – drops with a fork lift cost around $10, while drops with a train system are around $3.


Commit to safety at your plant – contact Geolean to discuss going forklift free.